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BuddyGays Review: Best Way to Find a Partner in 2021 for Gays

BuddyGays Review: Best Way to Find a Partner in 2021 for Gays
About Boys
Date with older guy 5%
Reply rate 87%
Popular age 28-45
Beauty 58%
Profiles 230 000
About Site
Visit rate 8.8
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • The website is easy to use
  • It is adjustable to any devices
  • Effective matchmaking system
  • Three-day free trial
  • The service is affordable
  • No mobile app
  • Limited features during the free trial period
  • Presence of fake profiles

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BuddyGays Overview: who is it for?

Have you ever found yourself in a situation when you winked at a good-looking guy, thinking that such a sweetie is supposed to be gay? And then, when you tried to hit on him, the result wasn’t the one you counted on: angry outbursts, funny comments, … (insert here any other inappropriate reaction that made you feel ashamed and out of place). If your answer is “Yes,” the BuddyGays service is definitely for you.

Let’s admit adult hookup for gays is not the easiest task in the world. People do not wear labels, you know, and sometimes it’s a bit tricky to identify a person’s sexual orientation on the spot. If you are gay, BuddyGays is here to assist you in this challenging task. BuddyGays website is created for men looking for a one-night stand, nsa relationship, or long-term affair. It is claimed to be one of the best services for the purposes out there.

What is BuddyGays, who is the owner, and when was it founded?

BuddyGays is an online dating website aimed at gays only. It is owned by Timespace Services Limited and was founded in 2018.

Is BuddyGays real?

Is BuddyGays real?

BuddyGays is one of the hookup sites that actually work. The platform ensures safe casual dating for gays. All the doubts on the reality of this service are removed immediately after your first approaches to an online gay adult hookup experience succeed. Of course, there is a possibility of coming across fake profiles like any other online dating resource. However, it is not that complicated to identify them. BuddyGays is a completely real opportunity to get laid by a sweet-looking gay guy in a very short period of time after you register on the website.

What’s the cost of BuddyGays?

What’s the cost of BuddyGays?

BuddyGays offers a 24-hour free trial period during which you can try a couple of features of the website and decide whether it suits you. If you’d like to continue your gay adult dating experience, you will have to pay for one of the available premium packages:

Type of Premium Package Costs Total Costs
1 Day $0.99/day $0.99
1 Week $7/week $7
1 Month $28.80/month $28.80
3 Months $16.20/month $48.60
6 Months $12.30/month $73.80

Basic Membership – what can you do on BuddyGays services for free?

You can sign up absolutely for free and get access to a limited list of features BuddyGays website has to offer its members:

  • Complete your profile
  • View profiles of other members
  • Search for matches
  • Send not more than five BuddyGays messages

Premium Membership – is it worth it?

One of the Premium Packages will open the whole range of awesome opportunities for you:

  • No limitations in sending messages
  • Other ways to reach out to another user: sending emails, taking part in forums, etc.
  • View photos posted by other users
  • Higher ranking in the search option

As you can see, it is surely worth it to upgrade your membership.

Registration – is easy as a piece of cake?

Registration – is easy as a piece of cake?

It’s even easier, I assure you. The registration will take just a bit of your time before allowing you to enjoy all the benefits of being a part of this magnificent casual dating community for gays. There are a couple of obligatory fields for you to fill in. As to the rest of the fields – it is up to you to decide whether to write anything or leave them empty.

Obligatory information required from you:

  • Name
  • Day of birth
  • Location
  • Email

Additional information:

  • Nickname
  • Ethnicity
  • Marital status
  • Relationship preferences (long-term or nsa relationships)
  • Appearance preferences (looks, body type, etc.)

If I were you, I’d invest some more time in filling as many available fields as possible. Write about yourself in more detail: your hobbies, interests, preferences. It will increase your chances of finding a perfect match from the very beginning of the casual gay dating experience. Pay attention that a verification code will be sent to your email. Your account will be activated after you confirm it with this code.

How to search for hotties on BuddyGays?

How to search for hotties on BuddyGays?

BuddyGays website made the search experience as easy and pleasant for its users as possible. As a rule, the guys registered there are good-looking, easy-going, spontaneous, and lighthearted, always ready to meet for sex if the location and time suit them. You will use different filters to get the desirable results that will precisely match your preferences. Search by ethnicity, religion, marital status, body type, appearance, and other defining features. Even with the most profound search and peculiar preferences, anyone will be able to find the exact type of person they are looking for. Casual gay dating has never been that easy before.

What kind of profiles can you come across on BuddyGays?

The majority of the profiles on BuddyGays website are clear, detailed, accompanied with pictures, and sometimes even videos. The more information an account contains, the more trustworthy it is. Take this into consideration, and don’t be lazy when filling in your profile information.

There is one very important difference between the profiles you should pay attention to the verification badge. The accounts that haven’t been verified yet will not have the badge on them. A verification process is a helpful tool that helps in identifying fake profiles.

How to detect BuddyGays fake profiles?

How to detect BuddyGays fake profiles?

First of all, check if the account that caught your interest has a verification badge on it. Next, look for a detailed description of a user’s personality, appearance, preferences, and background. Check how many fields are field in – the more, the better. The presence of photos is highly desirable. The best way to verify if the guy is the one from the photos he uploaded is to video chat with him. BuddyGays provides its premium members with this feature. If the guy refuses to do this, it should be a major red flag for you. So please don’t waste your time on him; he’s most likely a fake.

BuddyGays interface

BuddyGays interface

The interface of BuddyGays website is eye-catching and very convenient to use. BuddyGays home page is friendly in style and informative in content. The photo of a cute gay couple looks promising, helping you believe in your good luck in matchmaking. The service happens to be quite useful, offering a couple of tips on how to hook up with another man. You will not encounter any irritating advertisement icons popping up one after another like on some other hookup sites. The available registration field welcomes you to start your search for romance and casual sex in the easiest way possible. Just enter your age, email, set your location, and you can find your perfect match in minutes.

Does BuddyGays have a mobile app?

Unfortunately, there is no mobile app of BuddyGays so far. However, the website was created to adjust to any gadget you are currently using easily. If you prefer browsing for gay adult hookups via your phone, the mobile version of the BuddyGays website is there to help you with the task. You won’t have to change any settings; the site automatically defines your device and translates it to its mobile version.

What BuddyGays has to offer its users?

Advanced Search Feature

The advanced search feature on BuddyGays website is smart and quick. It allows you to set different filters like age, body type preferences, ethnicity, professional and educational background, etc. The main emphasis is made on location because the whole point of BuddyGays is to meet in real for communication, spending quality time together, and, if everything goes smoothly, casual sex. Advanced search remembers all your previous preferences and takes into consideration the information you shared in your profile. But it does not mean that it’s fixed and you will be getting the same range of partners to choose from all the time. On the contrary, the option quickly responds to your new needs if you change your profile or set up different filters. So it will be pretty easy to find your perfect match for each moment of your life, whether you are looking for sex or a long-term relationship.

In this game, you are offered different random profiles to vote for. The point of this lighthearted activity is to help BuddyGays search engine in the task of selecting the best matches for you. It may also save you time and trouble while searching for partners. If somebody catches your eye, you can start the communication immediately. The advanced search on BuddyGays website is a great feature, but sometimes you won’t even notice how you limit yourself when setting all these requirements. An account that popped up randomly in the game can become the one for you. Sometimes it is quite helpful to let destiny do all the work for you.


Another feature that is designed to help you in your search for love and sex is the views. The feature makes it visible when somebody liked your account or voted “Hot” in the “Hot or Not” game. Your task then becomes not to wait there feeling flattered and full of yourself but act upon it if you also liked the guy who took an interest in you. If you happen to be not in the mood to do it right now, you can save the account to check it out later. It is truly a useful thing because in this way you won’t lose the chance to communicate with someone who liked you.

Communication Options Available

Talking about communication, there are several options to reach out to other members on BuddyGays website:

  • Send a wink – if you are too shy or just lazy to write something, there is always the “send a wink” option at hand. It’s quite practical because it will allow you to save time and effort if the guy didn’t really like you back.
  • BuddyGays chat – limitless instant messaging for premium members. You can chat with as many people as you like.
  • Flirtcast – allows you to send one message to multiple users at a time. In this case, you don’t have to create different texts to impress each separate member. It comes in handy when a very nice idea for a flirting message visits your mind, and you’d like to make as much use of it as possible. And you won’t have to retype it several times.
  • Private BuddyGays messages – a traditional and more wordy way to reach out to a cute guy of your choice. It allows you to attach videos and photos.

Compatibility functions

The BuddyGays algorithm is aimed at making the process of matchmaking experience pleasant and its outcomes successful. As mentioned above, the advanced search feature is the most helpful tool in suggesting suitable candidates who will correspond to all your current needs. BuddyGays website stores information about your preferences and location to provide you with a wide variety of options to choose from. Information that you mentioned when you filled in your account is also important.

There is one more fun and attractive option that increases your chances of finding the partner of your dreams on BuddyGays. It is always easier to find someone you will really like to spend time with among the group of common-minded people who share the same qualities or interests as you. BuddyGays website offers you a couple of “Tribes” you can refer to depending on your tastes and inclinations. Here are some examples of the Tribes:

  • “Daddy” (behavior-related community): will instantly identify you as a dominant partner in the desirable relationship
  • “Clean-cut” (appearance-related community): if you don’t have any facial hair and don’t like it much yourself
  • “Geek” (interest-related community): for those obsessed with some hobby. It helps to find like-minded guys to discuss their fields of interest.
  • “BDSM” (sex preferences-related community): if you prefer it harsh and rough

Account Improvement

With the several different payment plans, it is quite simple and affordable to boost your account and use every available feature on BuddyGays website. You can enjoy the full range of options paying for one day or six months in a row. If you decide to improve your account, it will give you full access to all the information fields completed by other users. For instance, you will be able to see the field “Looking for” and find out if you are the perfect candidate for a guy who caught your eye, or you shouldn’t even waste your time on him because you both are too different for each other. What’s more, account improvement will remove all other limitations like getting not more than five messages a day or viewing photos and videos the users adding to their profiles.

Verification and Safety on BuddyGays – is the resource is safe to use?

Next to providing you with a perfect match and enjoyable experience in using the services, safety is more priority for BuddyGays gay dating website. To ensure higher security and eliminate fake profiles, every new member of the website should undergo a verification process. A verification badge on a profile is a sign that the profile is real. Also, pay attention to how completed a profile is and if it contains any photos or videos. You will also find extra tips about safe dating on BuddyGays website.

As to your personal data, the information you provide in your account is only for internal usage and is not shared with any third-party resources. You can also feel safe about your credit card details. The sensitive information is highly secured on BuddyGays as they use a valid SSL connection.

Is BuddyGays a scam?

BuddyGays a scam?

No, BuddyGays website is definitely not a scam. It is a safe gay casual dating community you can become a part of. They offer you a lot of options and features; their support team is there to help you in case you have any questions. As to the fake profiles, you can come across a couple of them on any dating resource. Use the tips on safe dating on BuddyGays welcome page, which will not make you a problem. On the whole, you will not regret using BuddyGays resource as you will get great services.

Is BuddyGays legit?

The website is a legit and working way to hook up with gay guys looking for sex and nsa relationships online. You will be able to check it yourself on the first day of usage after getting your first real results. There is no need to sit and think over it; just try it out yourself.

BuddyGays Help and Support

You can contact their support team via an online form on the website or send an email right here: [email protected] Getting a response will not take much time. You will be contacted almost immediately. The quality of their customer support service is on top. You will always be provided with a detailed answer to any question or a solution to any issue you may have related to the usage of BuddyGays services.

BuddyGays Alternatives

Here are some more options of gay online adult dating services for you to consider:

  • GayFriendFinder
  • GaysGoDating
  • Hornet
  • Jack’d
  • GayCupid.com
  • Gaystryst

BuddyGays Q&A

What is BuddyGays used for?

You will find BuddyGays very useful if you are a gay looking for nsa relationships, meeting for sex, finding like-minded gays with the same interests, and have fun. However, if you are interested in something more serious, you only need to adjust your profile and search settings, and you will get what you’re looking for.

Is BuddyGays a Real Dating Site?

Affirmative: BuddyGays is a real gay dating resource that provides real high-quality services with the help of which you can meet gays in real life. No need to play the “Straight or Gay” game anymore for you. When you use BuddyGays website, you can be sure that the users available there are gays for real.

Is BuddyGays free?

It is free for the first three days. After the welcome bonus period ends, you will need to pay for your membership. There are different premium membership plans (see above) depending on how long you wish to remain with the website.

How can you reach out to a person on I BuddyGays?

Depending on how much writing you are ready to do, there are several possibilities to reach out to a person. Send a wink, contact other members via BuddyGays chat, or message them with photos and videos attached.

How to delete BuddyGays account?

To delete your account, you will need to contact the customer support service team. According to the BuddyGays privacy policy, your data will be stored for some time after the cancellation process, making it easier to restore your information if you’d like to return to the website.


Company: Timespace Services Limited

Address: Vincenti Buildings, 28/19, Suite 1485, Strait Street, Valletta VLT 1432, Malta

Phone-Hotline: +1800 764 9523

E-Mail: [email protected]


BuddyGays is a reliable online dating website with many features to offer and many gay guys waiting to get laid. It is easy, fun, and safe to use the service. Customer support agents are there to help you in case of any emergencies. So don’t waste your time anymore; immerse in the gay adult dating experience immediately!

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