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Teen Hookup Apps

Best Teen Hookup Apps sites

  1. Good for find the perfect match, chat, and plan fun dates Spdate
  2. Good for sexy singles nearby, sex dating, and fun casual hookups OneNightFriend
  3. Good for Meeting local people and having romantic dates and fun hookup Together2Night
  4. Good for Finding and dating an attractive ladies BeNaughty

With the advent of teen hookup apps, finding partners for casual sex is no big deal, irrespective of your personality. Shy or charming, there is always someone available to boost your ego. The best part? You don’t have to choose from the limited number of crushes you have in school who, by the way, have already got a steady partner. A dating app for young adults opens up a world of bigger and better options. Oh, and don’t worry about the age restrictions; you can either try one of the dating sites for 12-15-year-olds or tweak some sites to enter. Let’s find out the available options for teenage meeting apps.



Best For Finding: Hookups, friends & entertainment through live stream (Web, Android, iOS)


  • Freemium design makes it appropriate for teens to use the platform without worrying about paying.
  • Face recognition AI that detects age helps maintain the user base of Yubo by not allowing adults on site.
  • Safe for teens
  • Location tracking can be turned off for additional safety.
  • Friendly user base.


  • The quality of results varies from location to location.
  • Has a bad reputation amongst parents and journalists.


Previously named Yellow, Yubo is one of the 12-year-old dating apps which started as a French web portal. However, its quick popularity led the way to developing its app version for Android and iOS. Yubo is also known as the Tinder for teens. Launched in 2015, the site and app now have over 40 million users with an almost balanced gender ratio. While most belong to the age group between 13 and 25 years, the audience majorly belongs from the US. Ever since the pandemic when the teens were forced to get grounded, Yubo helped them find social communities of their age to find friends and hookups based on interests.

Important Features:

Yubo is a unique platform with features not seen on any other dating site. Here’s what to expect:

  1. YouTube Streaming

It allows you to view and share trending videos and vlogs or your favorites with your community to make conversations more engaging and relatable.

  1. Lenses

These are filters that you can use on Live or video chat.

  1. Games

The other exciting thing about Yubo is that you can play fun games on the teen hookup site. There are multiple options that, besides entertaining, are also great at making communities come together, hang out and have fun together.



Best For Finding: Nearby Hookups (Web, Android, iOS)


  • Ample number of free features
  • Has both mobile app and a desktop version
  • Friendly userbase with an open mind.


  • Too many ad popups
  • No user verification to ensure safety.
  • Presence of bots
  • The design of the interface could be better.


Launched in 2007, Skout was similar to a social networking site for teens. However, since anyone above the age of 13 could join it, the site eventually evolved into one of the best dating apps for teens. It is a global location-based app that caters to over 3.4 million users every month. While the gender ratio is not very balanced, it doesn’t affect the experience of the site as you can use Skout for multiple purposes. From networking, friendships, community building to dating for any sexuality, Skout users get an opportunity to find fun through the features. However, since safety is not its strong point and the popularity is too high across all age groups, parents should know about this one of the 15 apps.

Important Features:

Exclusive features that attract young users on Skout:

  1. Backstage:

Locked photos that members can unlock in exchange for points. Points can be both purchased and earned on the site. Points are like a price system on Skout, which means you need to price your photos in the feature between 10 and 10,000. Besides getting access to the locked photo, members get to rate it on 5. Also, you get to earn a certain percentage of the points they spent on the photo.

  1. Buzz:

It is a content creation platform on Skout to post photos, videos or ask questions to keep your friends and followers engaged.

  1. Shake To Chat:

It is an interesting feature that connects you with a random person nearby. Yes, all you have to do is click on the feature and then shake your phone. It is fun, and the mystery is what gets things exciting.

  1. Skout Travel:

A paid feature allows you to travel virtually to a different location. Since Skout is a location-based teen hookup platform, changing the location to a different city for a day lets you find local people there. In addition, it gives you exposure to different kinds of people and their cultures.

  1. Interested?:

Similar to Tinder’s swiping, Interested suggests you with different profiles that you can either like or dislike by tapping the required button.



Best For Finding: Nearby Hookups (Web, Android, iOS)


  • Active member base
  • Communication is free
  • You can earn rewards and cash by going Live.
  • Lots of features.
  • Chatroom.
  • Good for hookups and live webcam shows.


  • Users are sometimes abusive
  • MeetMe doesn’t suggest matches
  • Too many features crowd the interface impacting the user experience negatively.


With over 100 million global users, MeetMe turns out to be a great choice for a teen looking for sex. Since it requires login through Facebook, anyone aged 13 and above can join and start connecting with nearby locations. Despite being considered a dating site, the design is very much social networking full of features. And even though the site has in-app purchases, they are completely optional since searching and messaging are free, and so are many other features on the app.

Important Features:

  1. Questions

Shy people can use the questions for ice-breaking. However, the person getting the question does not get to see the sender before answering.

  1. Blind Date

It’s a game where MeetMe sets you up with a person whom you can hear on a video call but can’t see. However, with time the picture gets clear, and you get the option to decide after the allocated time whether to continue or not.

  1. Secret Admirer

It’s a game that lets you guess your secret admirer in five guesses. If you guess right, you get to talk; if not, you lose the opportunity.

  1. Live

Live on the teen hookup site lets viewers tip the host with credits that can be used as credits or turned into real cash.

  1. TikTok

You can add your TikTok profile to your MeetMe profile, which besides making your account credible, attracts more people because of the content and keep them engaged.

  1. Quick Pick

It is a version of Tinder’s swiping game; however, only available on the app.



Best For Finding: Friends With Benefits(Web, Android, iOS)


  • Unique features make it one of the fun apps for teenagers.
  • You can use MyLOL even with a free standard account.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • MyLOL has mobile apps for Android and iOS besides the browser version.


  • Photo verification is too strict.
  • Fake profiles and unfriendly users are common on the platform.


Exclusively designed for teens, My LOL is one of the best dating apps for teenagers. The only people allowed to enter must be between 13 and 19 years. While the platform is full of features, the interface keeps them organized well and offers them a design similar to that of a social networking site. Also, it has a paid version required for a few features, but none of it is compulsory. It means that the communication modes are kept free, and hence going premium is optional. Additionally, My LOL is safer than most other options on the list despite being one of the teen hookup apps.

Important Features:

My LOL has several features that make the site fun for teens. Here is a list of what you get:

  1. Photo Verification

Each uploaded photo is verified to see if there is any form of nudity or not.

  1. Blogs

Written content to share opinions, information, or entertainment and engage like-minded people.

  1. Forum

Join threads you connect with or make a new one to start a new conversation on the teen hookup app. The My LOL forums do not restrict any topics.

  1. Chat Rooms

Several chatrooms on different interest topics are available for verified users. They can join and find new people for free.

  1. Vote

My LOL allows members to cast votes on all profiles. The profiles with the highest vote get featured on the home page.

  1. Shout

Shout is similar to posting on the feed, however, only in the text form. So a shout on the platform opens the path for other members to see and comment.

Hot Or Not

Hot Or Not

Best For Finding: Casual Sex(Web, Android, iOS)


  • High activity on the teen hookup app.
  • Well-designed mobile application.
  • Continuous moderation to filter out fake users.
  • Unique features to make dating interesting for the teens.
  • Unlimited communication with a free account.


  • The premium pricing is not suitable for teenagers.
  • App has many bugs
  • The site doesn’t ask for your permission before showing your Facebook photos.


Even though HotOrNot isn’t designed for teens, the lack of age verification makes it one of the popular dating apps for 16-year-olds. With 3 million monthly active users, the dating site undoubtedly sports as one of the best choices for hookups. The algorithm matches you with nearby people initially and then starts modifying suggestions based on your behavior on the site. The popularity and algorithm ensure effective matchmaking, making HotOrNot a great choice for people looking for sex and casual relationships. And even though the price is high, the upgrade is optional, and hence you can do without it.

Important Features:

The features on HotOrNot are simple and common on other dating platforms to keep things easy and uncomplicated on the site.

  1. Gifts

Another paid feature allows you to express your interest to the other person with gestures and not words. You can choose from an array of choices and decide whether to make it public or keep things private between you two.

  1. Stickers

A paid feature, stickers work the same way on the teen hookup app they do on Facebook or Whatsapp. You can use them to make your chats more fun and interesting.

  1. Encounters

It’s a swiping game with a twist. Besides getting a connection, every match and right swipe increases your profile ratings.

Spot A Friend

Spot A Friend

Best For Finding: Friends & entertainment through live stream (Web, Android, iOS)


  • Uses GPS for finding nearby users, which is great for hookups
  • Friendly user base


  • Ad popups are annoying
  • Mobile applications keep lagging.
  • Some features are paid.
  • You cannot rule out the presence of adults completely.
  • Lack of user verification alters the quality of profiles on Spot A Friend.


Known as the Tinder for teens, SpotAFriend is a teen hookup app. It is an extremely popular app globally that lets local teens connect for different purposes. The highlight is that the platform is made for teens only, which gives the 13 to 19-year-old a platform free from adults. Although the photo verification used on the platform isn’t very reliable for age recognition, the experience on the site is loved by the teens.

Important Features:

  1. Swiping

Swipe right or left to show your interest or pass on suggested profiles from your nearby locations. If you and the other person swipe right on each other, it’s a match, and you can start chatting.

  1. Super Swipes

If you super swipe on someone, your profile gets priority and will be shown before others to the person you swiped on.

  1. Age Recognition Software

The age recognition software is a common procedure at several dating apps for teenagers. Besides ensuring that the minors do not become prey to cheaters, it also keeps bots away. All you have to do is pose in front of the camera the way asked by the site.

  1. Profile Rating

You can rate profiles and get rated as well to get featured on the site if you become one of the top profiles.



Best For Finding: Online chatting (Android, iOS)


  • One of the most popular chatting apps for teenagers with high user activity.
  • Simple interface
  • Unique features


  • Absence of user verification
  • Old-fashioned interface
  • Cases of harassment are common
  • No browser version


Kik is a simple messaging platform that is home to over 200 million teens and young adults. The app assures that you never feel alone, from sharing images, discussing content, to connecting with international users.

Important Features:

  1. Crisis Text

Teens can connect with counselors to seek help and communicate through text messages using the feature on the teen hookup app.

  1. Group Chats

Public and private group chats are available on Kik that lets you connect with 49 people instantly.

  1. KIK Codes

Kik codes are like QR codes that act as identification marks for individuals registered on the platform. You can scan and search codes to start chatting with a Kik user.

  1. ShopBots

The platform has a shopping center for purchasing chatbots. You can purchase one from the different options available for playing games, finding dates, and a lot more.

  1. Video Chats

You can either engage with one person or enjoy being face to face in a group.

  1. Third-Party Integration

Kik has an in-built browser that lets you visit websites without leaving the messenger.

  1. Web History

The web history on the teen hookup app stores information on all the sites you visited through the Kik browser.



Best For Finding: Love Offline (Android, iOS)


  • Makes teen hookup possible by finding good places
  • Free and safe
  • Can sync with Facebook


  • Not a dating site
  • It does not assure any partner


If you are looking for a more natural way to date, like meeting someone by chance and hitting it off from there, Nearify is your option. It basically lists all the events happening nearby. You can sync it with your Facebook and see which events are being attended by your school crushes. However, your interests must be active on social media to make the teen hookup work.

Important Features:

  1. Facebook integration

Discover events based on your interest topics.



Best For Finding: Casual Relationships(Android, iOS)


  • Location-based matchmaking helps find quick hookups.
  • Great user experience.
  • Freemium site- Upgrading to premium membership is optional
  • Popular in big cities.


  • No verification results in several fake profiles on-site.
  • Location limits can sometimes change the quality of profile suggestions.


Happn is a unique dating app for teens that connects you with nearby users. Moreover, it makes things more exciting since now you can expect to find the cute girl or guy you saw at the bus stop or the store.

Important Features:

  1. Similarities Badge

If you see a badge on a profile while browsing, it means the person shares some interests with you.

  1. I’m Up For

One of the best dating apps for 17 year olds especially for the ones looking for hookups. Why? This feature lets you indicate that you are free for the next six hours and can meet.

  1. Audio

Besides seeing the photo on the profiles, users can now hear their voices through an audio clip before matching with them.

  1. Crush

TimeA guessing game where you need to find from the options who liked your profile.

  1. Hello

You can send a hello to a member to show your interest in talking to them. While it is a paid feature, you get 10 for free on signing up.



Best For Finding: Quickest teen hookup(Web, Android, iOS)


  • Global popularity
  • Quickest setup
  • Works fine with a free account
  • Perfect for hookups
  • LGBTQ+ friendly


  • Quite a big number of fake users.
  • You may need to wait a bit to get matched.


Tinder is great for anyone in the world. Its popularity is its major highlight because it serves as an excellent dating app for all types of people. People can count Tinder as a backup, be it as one of the lesbian dating apps for teenagers or use it for a gay teen hookup. Even though it is for adults, you can join if you are above 17.

Important Features:

While the dating site is jampacked with features, a few are particularly great for school students.

  1. Tinder U

A special feature that lets you find people from your school and other schools.

  1. Boost

Since there is a lot of competition, boost gives your profile the needed push for more exposure.

  1. Passport

Change your location on Tinder and find people from the changed location.

  1. AYS

It is a feature that asks you if you are sure about the message if it detects offensive language.


Can Teenagers Hookup?

Teenagers hooking up is a common practice, especially the ones above 16 years. However, using teen hookup apps to find partners is comparatively a newer practice amongst teens.

Can 16-year-olds use Bumble?

Bumble is not one of the popular teen hookup apps. It is known for serious relationships and networking. However, none of it is available to 16-year-olds, not officially at least.

Is Lying Your Age Illegal On Tinder?

Lying your age on any online dating platform is illegal since laws protect minors from exploitation. Also, dating sites have members using explicit language, which may not be appropriate for minors. Hence, if you are lying your age, be careful with the strangers because you are risking your own security by doing so. Instead, try dating apps for teens that allow your age.

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