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CasualDates review 2021 : What Do We Know About It?

CasualDates review 2021 : What Do We Know About It?
About Girls
Date with older guy 14%
Reply rate 83%
Popular age 26-45
Beauty 69%
Profiles 168 000
About Site
Visit rate 8.5
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Possibility to search for adult hookup and safe casual sex in different areas in your own country and around the globe. It comes in handy if you wish to add variety to your sex life while on a holiday or business trip.
  • Different types of membership plans are available depending on your needs. Premium membership will open a whole range of useful features.
  • High quality of the security measures and support system of СasualDates website.
  • There is no free trial period. Even if you'd like to try this website, you will need to buy a trial membership.
  • No СasualDates App for iOS or Android so far. But it has been claimed to be in the progress of being developed.
  • The website does not adjust to mobile devices, which makes it a bit inconvenient to use if you are on the go and do not have access to your laptop or PC

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What is СasualDates, who is the owner, and when was it founded?

СasualDates is designed for people of different nationalities and sex preferences looking for safe casual dating and nsa relationships. However, it doesn’t mean that if your search aims to find a partner for a serious, long-lasting relationship, you are not welcome here. On the contrary, the main idea of CasualDates website lies in its inclusivity. So whoever you are and whatever needs you have, СasualDates is there to satisfy them.

СasualDates website has been on the dating services market for plenty of years already – it was founded in 2002. The owner of the website is Nautell Capital Ltd.

Is СasualDates real?

Is СasualDates real?

СasualDates has been real for 19 years already. A plethora of satisfied customers will signify its reality. Real people who are interested in safe adult dating are registered on the website. If you read this and are positive about your reality, you are also welcome to become a part of the casual dating community on the website.

СasualDates Costs

It is free to sign up on СasualDates. But if you want to use all the available features there, you will need to purchase one of the available membership plans:

Duration Trial Membership Premium Membership
3 Days $2.97
1 Month $39.95
1 Month after Trial Membership Period Period
3 Months $74.85
6 Months $119.70

Trial Membership

With the basic СasualDates membership, which you’ll get during the trial period, you will be able to view profiles of other users and even chat with them. As to the rest of the special features the website has to offer its customers, to activate them, you will have to pay for one of the Premium Membership plans.

Premium Membership

A Premium membership plan will provide you with opportunities that will enrich your experience of online dating. Here are some of the features to which you’ll get access after improving your account:

  • send and receiving СasualDates messages without any limits
  • send winks and virtual presents to other members of your liking
  • view photos and videos that other members uploaded
  • add photos and videos to your account
  • use the advanced search option

Don’t forget that all the memberships are renewed automatically, and your credit will be charged. Therefore, if you do not wish to remain with СasualDates, you will need to cancel your subscription.

СasualDates registration – is it really easy?

The initial registration process won’t take you more than a minute. You will need to fill in just a couple of fields: your gender, the gender and age of a person you’re looking for, and the area you are currently in to make your chances of meeting for sex higher. There is no need to verify your account via email or in any other way. You can start searching for love, romance, or just casual sex and immediately find a perfect match for yourself.

If you have some extra time, you can improve your profile by filling in additional information about your interests, occupation, dating preferences and adding a couple of photos or even a video introduction. It will take some of your time but pay off, making your profile stand out and look special. It will also be a sign for other members that you take the process of matchmaking seriously.

How to search for hotties on СasualDates?

Whatever your sexual preferences are СasualDates will provide satisfactory results. Good-looking girls and guys of hetero/homo/bi-sexual orientation are open for communication and long-term, long-distance, or nsa relationships. The advanced search option with plenty of filters you are welcome to set up as a premium member will make the overall process of looking for hotties even easier. The algorithm of СasualDates website will remember your preferences and optimize the advanced search feature according to your personality and with the most desirable outcome for you.

СasualDates Profiles

On СasualDates website, you will mostly come across guys and girls who want sex. The casual dating community on the website is presented with but not limited to easy-going and lighthearted youngsters who are open to experiments and new experiences. The variety of people of different ages, locations, nationalities, educational backgrounds is astonishing. The smart matchmaking system of СasualDates will help you not to get lost in this pool of options.

The common problem of every dating resource is fake profiles. СasualDates website is not an exception. If the same suspicious profiles are regularly contacting you with scarce information in them, the possibility is that these are fake profiles. Therefore, you should report such distrustful activity to the СasualDates support team.

Fake Profiles: what measures are taken by СasualDates to secure you from them?

The fact that СasualDates members are required to pay even for a trial period decreases the chance of coming across fake accounts because scammers are not ready to pay for dating services. Instead, they tend to look for something free available on the market.

One more measure taken by СasualDates website to ensure your safety is moderators should approve that profile photos of the resource before uploading. Therefore, your encounter with fake profiles is very unlikely with your cautions and the websites backing you up.

CasualDates Interface

CasualDates Interface

The homepage of СasualDates website welcomes you to immediately plunge into the adult hookup experience by filling in a couple of personal data fields. Other website pages will offer you information on the benefits of its usage and the stories of success shared by СasualDates members. The interface of the website is clear and precise. No large descriptions through which you need to struggle looking for the necessary information. There is only up to a point useful information. The overall design of the resource is very convenient if you use your laptop or PC. Unfortunately, the current version of the website is not adjustable to a mobile phone.

СasualDates Mobile App

There is no СasualDates App available for Android or iOS systems. However, with the growing popularity of the resource and high demand, the application will most likely appear in the nearest future.

СasualDates Special Features

There is a range of special features available for СasualDates members:

Blocking other users

Sometimes it happens that you keep receiving unwanted messages from suspicious accounts. If you do not wish to receive such messages, СasualDates offers you an amazing feature to block such profiles. But, then, either it is a fraudulent account or a guy/girl you had a one-night stand with and who turned out to be a suckerfish, the СasualDates safety measures will protect you from the unwelcome advances.

The advanced search feature will provide you with plenty of filters you can set up while looking for a partner on СasualDates website. However, do not abuse this option too much, falling for a particular age group, nationality reference, or appearance. Do not limit yourself. Try being more open-minded and check out the broader selection of candidates. It would be a shame to ignore all this diversity СasualDates offers to its users.

Additional Communication Features

Chatting and messaging is a usual thing for online dating resources. СasualDates provides you with these features and tries to make it as special as possible with the availability of virtual presents and especially designed emojis. You are also able to check who is currently online and if your message was received and read. If you are in the mood of mindlessly browsing through profiles without any desire to respond to messages sent to you, you can change your availability status from “online” to “offline.”


СasualDates resource offers plenty of features to increase the chances of reaching a high level of compatibility between users while searching for matches. For example, you can filter СasualDates members by gender, age, location, educational background, sexual preferences, nationality, marital status, etc. The search engine of СasualDates website will also take into consideration the information from your profile. The main emphasis is on location to increase the possibility of meeting for sex or spending quality time in real life. The users’ search history is also considered by СasualDates system when the matchmaking process takes place. СasualDates algorithms are on guard of protecting you from encountering fake profiles and providing you with the best possible results.

Creating your video profile

It is a fun advanced feature that allows you to add something special to your profile, attract more attention and become more popular among other СasualDates members. You can tell your story, share your interests, demonstrate a hobby of yours, and provide the information on your expectations. It is a very unusual, informative, and effective way to express your personality and respect others in this magnificent casual dating community.

СasualDates Verification and Safety

СasualDates Verification and Safety

СasualDates website does not require verification via email to make the registration process faster and more convenient. A lot of measures are taken to protect СasualDates users’ privacy. For example, you can enable the feature in your account to hide your photo and video material from random users. You will be able to open access to your private information to the members who proved to be trustworthy.

The customer support team considers the reports on fake accounts and checks the authenticity of the reported profiles. Moreover, moderators of СasualDates website manually check whether the photos added to the profiles are not fake downloaded from online stock resources.

The small amount of money for the three-day trial period is also one more thing that makes registration is quite unattractive for scammers. The exact amount of money will be withdrawn for the trial period or any other membership plan of your choice regularly. СasualDates service does not share your payment details with third-party resources. The secure connection ensures that all your credit card details stay safe, and the private information you shared in your profile will not become easily accessible on the internet.

Is СasualDates a scam?

Many years of offering its services online, plenty of satisfied customers, and serious safety policy are only some proof that СasualDates is not a scam but a trustworthy resource working on your side to ensure getting only a positive experience from online dating. No extra charges on your credit card. You get what you paid for. Fake profiles can be found on СasualDates, but moderators eliminate them as soon as they are detected.

Is СasualDates legit?

СasualDates website is legit with real people registered there looking for safe casual dating and nsa relationships. The resource is constantly improving to ensure you get only a positive experience while interacting with the resource. All the features offered by the website work perfectly well and are directed to increase the possibility of getting what you desire for the current moment.

СasualDates Help and Support

СasualDates Help and Support

You can contact СasualDates support agents via email or by filling in the form on the website. The customer support service is quick in reaction, high in quality, and will respond to your queries as soon as possible. Also, don’t hesitate to contact them if you spot any suspicious activity of other members on СasualDates website.

What are СasualDates alternatives?

You do not need to limit yourself to only a single dating resource. Here are a couple of alternative websites that you might find useful:

  • OK Cupid
  • Coffee Meet Bagel
  • Tinder
  • AdultFriendFinder
  • AshleyMedison
  • Seeking
  • Telegraph Dating


What is СasualDates used for?

With its close to perfection match-making system, СasualDates website is used by many people worldwide to find common-minded partners for different goals: short – / long term – /distant -/ nsa relationships, a one-night stand or communication and spending quality time together. The diversity of members is pretty high, so the chances are you will be able to find here the range of people you won’t come across on other online dating services.

Is СasualDates a Real Dating Site?

The reality and legitimateness of СasualDates website do not evoke any doubts. It is a very high-quality service for its price. Some of the features offered here are not available on other alternate dating websites. The overall process of finding someone to meet for sex is fast and safe. It is quite real and possible to establish long-term serious relationships if you wish so. Of course, everything depends on your preferences. The point is that with the help of СasualDates resources, you meet with real people in real life who are looking for the same thing you are.

Is СasualDates free?

It is free to register on СasualDates and browse for matches. However, if you’d like to get limitless access to all the service’s features, you will need to invest in one of the offered memberships, either trial or premium.

How can you reach to a person on СasualDates?

There can’t be anything easier than reaching out to someone on СasualDates. You can invite or be invited to a chat room. You can send messages with virtual presents and emojis, add photos and videos to them. Moreover, it is possible to see if your message has been read and if the response is being composed in real-time.

How to delete an account on СasualDates?

If you do not wish to continue being a part of the casual dating community on СasualDates, there is always a possibility to cancel your subscription and delete your account. If you use one of the paid memberships, do not forget to deactivate the paid subscription manually, confirming that you do not wish the money to be withdrawn from your bank account regularly for the services. After the deletion, the profile will not appear on СasualDates websites, and other members will no longer contact you. Confirm if you’d also like to unsubscribe from all the notifications and newsletters sent by the resource. If it happens that you change your mind, it will not be a problem to renew your account and subscription for one of the trial or premium memberships.


Company Name: Nautell Capital Ltd

Address: 12-14 Kennedy Avenue, 1st Floor, office 107, P.C. 1087, Nicosia, Cyprus

Contact Email: [email protected]

Phone Number: 18443180095

Twitter: https://www.facebook.com/casualdates1

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/casualdates1

You Tube: https://www.youtube.com/user/casualdates


Nowadays, it is not an option to feel alone anymore. Whatever your preferences and needs are, with the availability of such reliable and trustworthy hookup sites like СasualDates, it has become very easy and safe to find the exact thing that will appear perfectly suitable for you. No need to be ashamed or hide anything; you can feel safe and free among the members of this amazing casual dating community. You can get this wonderful chance to have fun, meet for sex, enjoy yourself and become a source of pleasure for others. So join СasualDates now to take the best this life has to offer.

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