Affiliate Disclosure

Affiliate Disclosure

Our free informational website posts reviews about a wide range of online dating services. They include descriptions and analytics of large multi-million platforms, niche sites, and adult dating services. You will also find much useful information about free dating networks and elite sites with paid membership. All content you’ll find on our web pages is free to read. You may access any review once you’ve landed on the site without money and registration. Our visitors are free to explore the interested content, get tips and recommendations. Besides, newbies in online dating will receive help from real experts to avoid scams and awkward situations.

However, we need resources to run the site, keep it updated, and provide its flawless digital performance. For this purpose, we practice and develop fruitful cooperation with affiliates and advertisers. They support our work, and in exchange for it, we provide links to their resources and review their products and services. It means that some posts might be sponsored. Such sponsorship affects reviews’ appearance on the site and their rating.

At the same time, we never distort information but ensure an unbiased expert approach to every piece of content on our website. In this way, you can count on accurate data and details while reading reviews. Moreover, you’ll never find the info irrelevant to your interests since we attentively select vendors before posting their links and getting compensation:

We deal with licensed and legit companies.

We check the reputation and duration of their online presence beforehand.

All advertisers offer products that correspond to our site’s niche and topic.

Our affiliates have the same terms and requirements as we provide.

Of course, online dating is a sensitive area. People crave honesty and integrity since their final choice of dating sites will affect their private lives significantly. Hence, we don’t market our sponsors’ products. Instead, you’ll find guides, tips, and reviews that stay informational and include the personal conclusions of our experts. Bear in mind that not 100% of the content is sponsored, as we sort our links and their usage:

  • All links harmonize with the content.
  • They lead to decent resources and might be helpful for daters, enhancing their online experience.
  • No link refers to illegal products.
  • We track all links and make sure they don’t violate your rights or direct you to the content where you can face abuse or harassment.

It’s crucial to understand that we don’t get cash in exchange for ads and links. You choose whether to buy from a specific link. Once you’ve liked our partner’s offer and made a purchase, we get a commission. That’s another reason why we post only top-quality links.

The website doesn’t encourage or promote particular dating resources. We open the gates to a specific dating site, and you decide to enter through them or another portal. That’s why our visitors are responsible for their choices and decisions, including consequences and changes in their lives.

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