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What Will 2021 Spdate Review Bring us: A paradise for Daters or Dodgy Area?

What Will 2021 Spdate Review Bring us: A paradise for Daters or Dodgy Area?
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Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 84%
Beauty 79%
Popular age 25-40
Profiles 800.790
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Visit rate 9.6
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Get laid within seconds and be sure that you are safe and sound
  • Safe investment and secure payment in case you want to purchase a membership
  • Lists of users who are the most popular and active on the site
  • A separate list of users who registered recently
  • The support agent is not on shift round-the-clock
  • There is only a chat for conversations and no camera can be connected from the laptop or phone
  • Some fake profiles come up from time to time

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Brief Review

With this Spdate review, you can get acquainted with the features that stand out and make communication on the site unforgettable. When you become a part of the community, there is a ton of fun and socializing. The people you meet there are versatile and unique. Open-mindedness of conversations and topics that are allowed to discuss attract many people. In the spotlight of attention is usually the question about the female users of the platform. It is a platform that is oriented toward both sexes. The number of women is impressive. If you want to find a woman for your dark, sexy fantasies or a lonely housewife who wants to cheat on her husband, it is the right place to go.

Since the site promotes adult hookup, it does not require you to meet any standards or go through some testing. It should be quick and easy, so it is. Enrolling takes a couple of minutes. As soon as the page is set up, the site starts looking for matches. They are selected based on your profile information, so it is crucial to indicate the right age and gender. The rest can be modified later. You can use the manual search feature or let the site selects for you. There is also an option to wait for someone to message you in Spdate chat. Whatever way you select is good enough to find a hot date for the night or a virtual sex session.

Is Spdate a valid website for dating?

It is an accredited international commissions site. It does not promote any illegal things and has all the needed documents to provide dating services, including sharing adult content. If you are of the appropriate age, you can freely use the site without any restrictions or doubts on its legal status.

Spdate Charges

Spdate Charges

It is one of the hookup sites that actually work on an almost free basis. The set of free features is full of options. The users can talk and meet without being premium members. Communication between premium and not premium accounts is also possible. A big bonus is also the absence of hidden fees. Some platforms have a lot of ads saying that they provide free services, and as a result, they require a credit card on the stage of registration. It is not the case with Spdate. If you pay for the membership, you are given a receipt with the exact amount that you have to pay. The check will also have the name of the site concealed in case you want to keep it private.

Basic Plan

When you enter your profile information and indicate your interests, you will be asked to pay a small amount that will later be refunded. It is about $1 for the registration, but it is a deposit. If you are not old enough, the site will not accept your profile. Spdate website is not expensive, and it is focused on people with an average income. The features that you can use for $0 are:

  • Registration;
  • Communication with premium and not premium users;
  • Reading adult dating tips;
  • Like photos of other users and see their full profiles.

Premium Plan

With the premium plan, you are given some eчtra bundles that are not necessary but very beneficial to have. You become a premium member that has access to all the secret corners of the dating paradise called the Spdate website. The site offers a lot of opportunities for horny people, and a premium status gives premium capabilities. Besides, you get:

  • An extensive list of users who are active most;
  • Access to all sections with photos and private galleries of even premium users;
  • Additional profile settings that let you hide the account from other users yet be active and roam around on the site;
  • No limit on outgoing and incoming messages.

The whole package covers a lot of services and costs about $40. There is no additional charge regardless of the payment system you use.



The basic facts about registration on hookup sites say a lot about the service in general. Whenever you encounter a site without registration at all, you need to be aware. If the users are not registered, the site does not keep track of them and does not identify them in any way. The procedure of creating an account is designed to see the activity of a user, for other users to know who it is, and to prevent one user from committing multiple offenses.

Nevertheless, some sites take it too far and make you complete a quest before you start dating. With Spdate, you have a quite easy path to setting up your account. It takes a couple of seconds, an email address, and patience.

Get a link to your email, verify your account by clicking on it, and you are all set. The procedure of email verification is traditionally free of charge. There is also no need to provide your phone number or receive text messages that cost money. The site does not ask for any details, even for their internal use, which makes it a safe casual dating platform.

What search options does Spdate offer?

It is worth mentioning that the site is full of chicks. The number of female profiles prevails. Hence, it might be surprising to see them texting you if you are a male or gay woman. They are attacking you instantly after you complete the registration. The principle on which they find you or you find them is simple. It is a site without search filters, and it gives you a choice from the pool of many different people. It does not make you limit the set of matches to some. You have no constraints on what types of profiles you can see. So, how does it actually work? You become a member of a pool of girls who want sex, and you get offered their profile randomly. While some regret not having search buttons, in practice, you do not need it to have a real result.

Even if you search for a match, there is no guarantee of a reply. The profiles that the site gives you are, on the other hand, active and real. You jump into a virtual party with people who expect your likes and want communication. Many women are texting males with direct offers to hang out. Some want relationships, so you can find a long-term virtual conversation that can grow into something more.

Spdate Profile Looks

Spdate Profile Looks

The profiles on the site are very brief. It is a casual dating community, so people tend to stay precise in their bios. It has age, gender, and photo. If someone is located in a different time zone, you will see their timing. It helps understand why a person does not reply at a certain time. However, people are active on the site round-the-clock. Chatting happens day and night.

An interesting fact about the site is that it unites people of all age categories. So, you can see characters like:

  • Single girls in their twenties are wanting to meet for sex with older men. Many sugar babies are looking for experienced males and females to spend time with.
  • Single moms are working hard and looking for as much fun. They are often registered on sites because there is no time to go offline dating.
  • Married women or in relationships who want to spice their sex life. There is nothing wrong with little affairs once in a while, and you can get a chance to experience a new type of nsa relationship.

All profiles have photos, but they are not numerous. If you want more, you can end them in private messages. Most people upload selfies or just attractive photos of themselves to catch the attention of potential hookups. Although it seems easy to communicate on the site and more people are not looking for meaningful connections, the ball is in your hands, and you can decide to take it to the next level.

Dealing with fake profiles at Spdate

Spdate does not stand aside from improving cybersecurity measures on the site. With that in mind, they post guidelines and some tips for safety. Just like meetings offline, online have some precautions to consider. Think about your information and try to separate social networks and your dating profile. There is no need for you to use other messengers but Spdate messages.

If you take it elsewhere, your identity will be exposed. It is up to you to take that risk. The site is created with the aim to secure your privacy. You can hide your real name and real identity for as long as you want. Open up to people you trust and with which you have been in contact for a certain period. If you do not want to meet that person in real life, you can opt for staying incognito for good and enjoy your virtual romance.

Spdates Website UX

It is a free platform that was developed by a small IT company. The brand belongs to a larger holding. However, it has a unique design and does not look like other apps. It is interactive, has many communication features, and nice color palette of the website and app.

How does Spdate App Look?

How does Spdate App Look?

The Spdate app has a lot of positive reviews on Google Play. It can be downloaded for free and has a versatile set of features that users appreciate. The greatest perk is that the app is free of charge and has no hidden fees for downloading or uploading any information to it. It can load photos directly from your phone and also help you share locations. The most emphasis is on the interaction of users. The app works well even when the user activity is at its peak. The description of the app at the app store claims that it offers to date for many categories of people. Here are some interesting facts:

  • Keep your dating life secret. If you want to have an arrangement with someone but you have a partner and need to take your mind off, the site can help you stay incognito.
  • Meet certain daters who are not likely to go dating in real life. If you want to meet a MILF or a single mother, there is no chance you see her in a bar on a Friday night. She is searching through the profiles on Spdate looking for sex.
  • If you are religious but not many people around share your views, the app will find locals who are like-minded. For example, you think that your Muslim views are not supported in your area, but the case might be that people are not indiscreet about it. Go online and speak out, and you will see how many people share your views. New encounters at Spdate are not only romantic, and it might even be a friendship agenda.
  • If you want to try interracial dating but are too shy to say it, you can go online and see the profiles of people who are within your interest. You do not need to say that you want to date Asian; simply like their profile and start communication.

Unique Features

It is a free platform that aims at setting people up for casual sex. There are not many features that stand out or make it unique. The best characteristic of the platform is a large membership base. Although it does not have video chatting options, people still appreciate the service. It has a good rating on the app store and almost no complaints. There is a website for those who prefer to see everything on the big screen and an app for busy bees who are on the move all the time.

Safety of Spdate

Safety of Spdate

All the safety procedures were designed to protect the users and the website from external attacks. They also regulate communication on the site. If someone is bothering you and it feels threatening, there is no need to tolerate that. You can block the user and even complain to moderators. They are working on the elimination of suspicious profiles that violate policies and rules of polite conversations.

The site does not encourage aggressive and rude behaviors and does not discriminate. If you notice an offender, it is recommended to inform the team about it right away. The requests are reviewed for some time, and decisions to delete someone’s profile are not taken based on one complaint. After the moderator receives a request, they check all the activity and look for the evidence. As soon as the evidence is found, the profile is erased irreversibly.

Can Spdate be a scammer?

Spdate website and app have not been involved in any instances of scamming people or any other wrongdoing. It is a cool platform that has positive reviews on most platforms. Spdate seems legitimate and does not give out any suspicious vibes.

How is Spdate legit?

It is a legitimate platform because it provides authorized services. It belongs to a large digital holding that operates in accordance with international law. There are no bans on the use of the site in any country of the globe. Besides, if you use the site for free and do not provide any personal information, you do not put yourself at risk.

Help & support

Spdate can be addressed via email and phone. The team of support agents is located in Cyprus and some work from the remote offices. It includes various departments. Getting in touch with them is not hard. All it takes is an email with the issue or query that you have. The team receives it and sends it to the corresponding department for review. The replies usually come within 48 hours during business days.

Spdates and similar services

Spdates and similar services

Spdate is a free service, and it is its biggest advantage over competitors. There are though similar services on the market. They possess similar qualities. One of the most reputable competitors is Tinder which is used all over the globe. The other similar site is Plenty Of Fish. Note that they charge for some features.


How do people use Spdate?

Spdate is a site for single and married people who want to find fun. It is mostly used for sexual encounters or short-term connections.

Is Spdate a serious dating platform?

The website and app are legitimate and effective. If you have a purpose to meet for sex, find a kinky lover, or a mistress, you will definitely be satisfied.

How much does Spdate cost?

The site does not have any hidden commissions or fees, even if you use it for a long time. Spdate is a free platform, so enjoy your endless communication without sacrificing your pennies.

How to connect with people and talk at Spdate?

The main reason why people come to Spdate is communication on various topics. The main feature for that is a chat and emailing via the app or site.

Can I terminate my account and delete Spdate profile for good?

If you are done dating and want to cancel your membership, it is not enough to cancel the app from your phone. Go to your account settings and erase the profile before you get rid of the app. Note that deleting the application does not mean your profile is not active.


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If you are exhausted with weird people and nobody catches your eye, but you want to love and have sex, check out Spdate. It is a platform where people do not pretend to care and do not hide their true nature. Most users are easy-going and open-minded. You will find happy people who know what they want and are ready to make you happy and satisfied. Spdate website is as good as an app, so whatever you decide to use will not disappoint you.

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