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FatFlirt Review 2023: Fat Hookup Site or Scam?

FatFlirt Review 2023: Fat Hookup Site or Scam?
About Site
Active Audience 91%
Quality Matches 82%
Popular Age 18-38
Profiles 560 000
Reply Rate 93%
Ease of Use 6.8
Popularity 9.3
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Proposes legit profiles of chubby singles, yet does not require the users to be chubby to register;
  • Dating community includes homosexuals, bisexuals, and heterosexuals;
  • Suitable functions for connecting with people for a low price;
  • Video and audio messaging features available.
  • Some profiles are not trustworthy;
  • There is no application for smartphones.

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Quick Info

FatFlirt is an inclusive website that focuses on people with chubby appearances but also all types of sexual orientations. People with curves and their appreciators have been enjoying the services of the platform since 2013. It offers a broad range of communication and matching services like audio and video messaging, swiping games, etc. The site operates on the international market. It handles communications via emails and instant messages. The membership base is constantly growing and currently amounts to 3 million users. About 60% of users are females.

Is FatFlirt a good service?

FatFlirt chat guarantees you a good time. It is a sleek feature that ensures constant and uninterrupted communication with the people you are interested in. With a well-balanced ratio of males and females, the site entertains users of various worldviews. People who look for love, fun, or NSA relationship can easily set up a date for themselves in a blink of an eye. Besides, there is an option to have an online date whenever you feel like it or circumstances dictate it. If the user wants to know the person better before a face-to-face encounter, video chatting comes in handy. Setting up a date online via video connection is a service for premium members only. Hence, it is worth looking into the subscription types. They come in quite affordable packages that can last for various time periods.

Is FatFlirt a good service?

FatFlirt ensures that all the users enjoy their communication in a safe environment that is at the same time entertaining. It does not impose dull rules on the users. For example, exchanging adult content and virtual interaction of users is not monitored closely. Chubby daters are encouraged to share their feelings, ideas, and fantasies without being constrained by the regulations.

How much does FatFlirt cost?

Most hookup sites that actually work do not provide all their services completely without charges. FatFlirt is a website that requires monthly payments in order to have access to some of the features. In comparison with the competitors in the dating market, FatFlirt is a medium-priced service provider. It charges for the FatFlirt messages, some additional search filters, and a boost of the profiles. All these features are traditionally focused on increasing the visibility of the user profile. If the profile has not been filled in completely with the relevant information, and not many photos have been uploaded, the site offers to use a temporary boost that will place the profile on top of people’s searches. Hence, the attention increases and people visit it more and more. All similar services require additional payments. There is also a standard set of features that come with the membership as well as free ones.

If you want to devote some time and money to subscription, you can select one of the following:

1 week $ 7
1 month $ 28
3 months $ 49

Basic Plan

Your initial experience of using the site is free. Not all the features will be available, and some profiles will not be shown in full size. The messages you can send a day will be limited to five. There will also be a ban on opening the full information on the profile and photo. Yet, it gives you a chance of a perfect glance at how the service works and starts conversations with interesting people.

Premium Plan

With the premium plan, your life will turn upside down. You will see how large the membership base actually is. It is like watching all that is happening behind the curtains of a performance. The site doesn’t show profiles of premium members to free users, so as soon as you get upgraded, you will see the whole userbase.

How long is registration at FatFlirt?

How long is registration at FatFlirt?

The registration procedure at FatFlirt lasts about two minutes. One minute is for getting a verification link and one for filling in the information about you. The steps of registration are the following:

  • Fill in the initial questionnaire (name, email, gender, preferences)
  • Receive a verification code to your email
  • Set up the profile

How can I find chubby hotties at FatFlirt?

If you want to meet for sex your perfect curvy match, you need to have patience and use search filters. Select the characteristics that are important to you and play around with them. If the eye color for you doesn’t matter, try to select it blue one time and green the other time. Try to go through all the users of the site. If you want to have many chats, you need to take the initiative at times. Also, take a look at people who send messages to you. They might be awkward at times, but the more you talk, the more comfortable you will both feel. Besides, consider getting occasional boosts for your profile to place it on top of everyone’s searches for a couple of hours. It will increase your visibility among thousands of other users.

Profiles of the FatFlirt site

Profiles of the FatFlirt site

In general, the audience of the site consists of males and females who are curvy. About 60% of users are chubbies. The rest is represented by the admirers of larger people. Most profiles contain information about the background and age of the person. About 50 % are coming from North and South America. Some European nationalities are well-represented on the site too. You can easily find your chubby French crush on the site. While you are looking, make sure that your profile matches all the standards.

The user profile consists of the following sections:

  • Name;
  • Location;
  • Age;
  • Interests;
  • Other.

FatFlirt and Fake Profiles control

Dealing with fake profiles is the number one priority for all online services, not only dating sites. With user safety in mind, the policies were created. A specially trained professional team is tackling this issue. All users have access to the “Report” button that enables them to leave a complaint. The moderators are in charge of reviewing such cases. Later on, they delete the profile or reinstate it if it was a mistake. The profile that got reported gets frozen instantly. It does not mean that it is deleted but out of reach of the public for the sake of safety. Think of the following when talking to people online:

  • What questions do they ask you? Are they too personal and too soon?
  • How often do they disappear without informing?
  • What information do they share with you?
  • Do their stories contradict? (for example, you can ask if they live alone or with someone, and they might say yes with a relative, and then yes with a friend).
  • Do they ask you for favors and especially of a financial type?

If the answer to these questions is yes, you are talking to a suspicious person. For sure, everyone has ups and downs and personal limits. They might not want to share some information, so neither should you. However, what common sense says is ok, should be shared. You cannot hide some things for a very long time because the conversation will not be honest.

FatFlirt Website Interface

FatFlirt Website Interface

The design and interface of the site are suited well for the purposes of looking for sex. To be precise, it is not filled in with unnecessary information. It can be described as modest and straight to the point. The user can find all the needed features without going into the trouble of looking for them or learning how to use them. Also, there is no need to watch a long tutorial before you start dating. When you register, all the steps are self-explanatory. All the buttons on the profile are basic and plain. Besides, there is a section ‘Account setting’ where you can go to manage the profile. It lets you delete, edit your profile or modify your subscription.

How to use FatFlirt from my phone?

Although you cannot download the FatFlirt app from the app store, you can still easily use it from your phone or tablet. It has a mobile version that works on any device and can be opened from any browser. You can check messages, contact people, put likes, and do all the regular stuff from your phone using this version.

Unique Features

Unique Features

For sure you can contact people the traditional way. You can also send them more signals than just a message. If you want to be successful in the world of safe casual dating with chubby partners, you need to get creative. The site is willing to help you with that. You need to write down nice, friendly messages if you want to meet a partner. Text people saying that they are gorgeous and attractive to you. Also, try to make it special, so your message does not get lost in the ton of others they receive. With time, you will notice that the world of online dating is very dynamic and versatile. Most users do not want to waste time but want to get down to business. Hence, if you are online but the person you like is not, the chances to meet are still high. For that, your photos are gathered in the ‘Like gallery’, which prompts people to like each other and send signals. The point is that your photo is shown to someone, and they have to react with a yes or no answer. It means that after one round of likes, you will get at least five-ten people adding you to their list of favorites. Note that even free accounts get a dose of “Flirtcasts” that can be sent to a user to attract their attention. These are free in limited amounts for the users on basic packages and more abundant for those who have a paid membership. Their function is to alert users who are online and promote their attention to your profile.

Procedures of Safety at FatFlirt

If you want to be safe and make sure that your information on the site is secure, you need to follow the rules of safety. The site constantly reminds us not to exchange contacts with other people. It includes links to your social networks. Be prepared for the potential inconveniences after sharing personal information.

How to know if FatFlirt is not involved in a scamming scheme?

It is not involved in any current scamming scandals. The site has a legal team to prevent any incidents. Besides, the site has been functioning for a solid number of years and acquired a large membership base. Many loyal customers are satisfied with the service and return to it over and over. It is not rare to meet someone who has been with the site for ages and is happy to continue.

It is an authorized Internet source for matching with other people. If you are 18+, you have a right to use the services of the site, and your rights will be respected there. Besides, the site has been operating for more than a decade and has acquired a flawless reputation and positive user feedback.


If you want to be assisted with any issues regarding the website operations, you can contact the site’s support team. It consists of many departments, but there is one email address for all the issues that may arise. The team has specialists in different spheres, including some dating experts. For more information, see the results of their work in the blog dedicated to healthy eating habits and safe dating tips. Hence, send all the queries and concerns to [email protected]

What are the similar services to FatFlirt?

All the single boys and girls who want sex know well how to find the needed service. There is not one but many sites that cater to the needs of the chubby community. They mostly differ in pricing, feature set, and terms of use.

  • WooPlus is a well-respected platform among big people. It is focused on setting up couples and setting them off on a journey of serious commitment. People come there for more than just adult dating. It is mostly for those who are ready to give up their single life for good. Its estimated membership base equals 2 million. As to the gender ratio, it is dominated by females (70% to 30).
  • LargeFriends is helping everyone to dump the complex of feeling ashamed of their large bodies and setting their mind off. Get on the journey of dating, having sex, casual hookups, and friendship, all for a moderate price. After a decade of being on the market, the site has 3 million users, and most of them are females (60%).
  • BBWCupid is a niche platform that belongs to Cupid Network. It is of as good quality as other sites of the brand. It is a serious relationships finder for all the bigger hotties of the world. As to the membership base, it consists of 4 million users. The gender ratio is dominated by females. Like all the Cupid websites, it offers a unique and exclusive service of instant translation of the messages.


How can I use FatFlirt?

You can use this platform for adult hookups and some long-term serious relationships. If you want to find a friend, lover, mistress, kinky person in bed, or just see who is single, the site is the right place. Complete the registration, put down a couple of words about yourself, and upload some photos. Arm yourself with a smile and good mood and enjoy horny, heated conversations with people from all over the world. Note that for the quick setup with the matches online, you can join the swiping game. It works in a way that offers you a photo and requires a yes/no answer. If you click “Yes”, you have an instant match and can start your communication.

Is FatFlirt a licensed service in my country?

If you want a resource that offers a casual sex dating experience – FatFlirt is a legal and reliable platform for that. To make sure that your country is on the list, go to the rollout list at the stage of registration. The list is quite comprehensive and contains hundreds of countries that allow the functioning of the site. You can use it even if you are not in the country from the list but going to travel there. In any case, if you speak English, you should not encounter any difficulties.

Are there any charges for using FatFlirt?

To use this casual dating community for your benefit, you need to purchase a monthly membership. It varies based on the term you decide to use it for. So, if you commit to a longer membership, the monthly fee decreases. The services are relatively cheap compared to other dating sites, and sometimes the FatFlirt site conducts sale seasons that give you some temporary discounts.

How can I start a conversation at FatFlirt?

How can I start a conversation at FatFlirt?

Multiple options come at your disposal when you are a registered and paid user of this service. If you want to get laid, you need to come up with your pick-up lines and send them to people who are online. You can do that with the help of a standard chat option or Flirtcasts. They are spam messages that you send to multiple users at the same time.

How can I erase my FatFlirt profile?

If you want to erase the profile and leave no trace of it on the site, you need to delete it. You can also opt for the more temporary option and freeze it. In case you decide to come back, the information will be preserved. To get rid of it completely, you either contact the support for help or login into your account and find settings. It is called ‘account removal’ on the site. You need to remember your password and fill it in to confirm that you are the real owner of the profile. After that, all the information will be erased and never published for the public again. If you want to register for the second time, you can use the same email address.


[email protected]

1 800 691 579

Eldor Holdings


FatFlirt proves to be one of the leaders of the chubby dating market. It provides all the standard services as well as all the desired extras. With the site, a single person can enjoy many conversations simultaneously, have a video date, and speak on the phone without sharing too much personal data. The special feature set ensures that communication does not lack in any aspect. Besides, there are many opportunities for people who are not that straight or open in conversations. Games, forums, expert articles, and other information that the site provides ease the dating experience for plus-sized daters. Many women and men feel shy because they have a plus size of clothes, and their bodies do not meet modern times’ standards. All the standards are vague and irrelevant for most people who live ordinary lives. From social media, people get the idea that everyone around is slim and attractive. In reality, even those with the skinniest bodies have trouble looking for sex. It is all about personalities, not the shapes that they are in. With that in mind, the platform was created. It works and improves to make people feel even cozier. Despite common belief, not all the members are chubby. Many men and women of skinny size are amazed and turned on by curvy bodies. They want to find lovers that satisfy their fantasies, but it is hard in the world of shy and reserved people. FatFlirt review shows that people of unexpected and various backgrounds happily use the site for a long time.

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